Church Administration Organization 2013/2014



Pastor:  Rev. Thomas J. Ham


Student Pastor: Rev. Thomas J. Ham

Student Leaders: Wesley Banks & Jessy Johnson


Music Director:  Natalie Fleming


Secretary/Clerk:  Natalie Fleming


Preschool & Children's Ministry Coordinator(s):  Wanda Hawthorne


Treasurer:  Sean Ewing


Assistant Treasurer:  Laddy Fleming





Church Program Organization 2013/2014



Sunday School Director: Rev. Thomas J. Ham


General Sunday School Secretary: Laddy Fleming


Men’s Ministries: Phil Peppers


Women's Ministries: Terri Henderson


Minister of Biblical Counseling:

Rev. Jeff Langley


AWANA Commander: Phyllis Langley


AWANA Director: Stephanie Langley


Youth Pastor: Rev. Thomas J. Ham




Pastor:  Thomas Ham

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First Baptist Church of Carl

1588 Carl Bethlehem Rd

P. O. Box 1143

Auburn, GA 30011


Phone: 770 867-9588


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Schedule of Services


Sun. Bible Study 9:15am

Sun. Worship 10:30am

Sun. AWANA Clubs 5:45pm - 7:15pm

Sun. Worship 6:00pm

Sun. N~Vasion Student Ministries 6:00pm 

Wed. Bible Study 6:45pm

Wed. N~Vasion Student Ministries 7:00pm