Church Committees 2015/2016


            Cemetery:         B R Banks, Emmons Hanes


             Church Council:   As per elected position    


            Constitution and By-Laws: B R Banks, Delores Jones and Truman Phillips


             Fellowship: Sarah Page, Emmons & Linda Hanes, Sue Burel, Bernice Franks, Terri & Curtis Henderson, Chris Rice, B.R. Banks, David & Wanda Hawthorne, Karen Bass, Charlotte Ewing


             Finance: Stewardship and Budget: Laddy Fleming, Terri Henderson,  Emmons Hanes, Tim Easterling & Sean Ewing


            Nominating: Lisa Banks, Due Burel,  Sarah Page, Pastor tom Ham & Deacon Chairman


            Personnel: Laddy Fleming, Terri Henderson, Sarah Page, Emmons Hanes, Tim Easterling & Sean Ewing


            Property and Space: Curtis Henderson, Sarah Page, David Banks, Chris Rice, Glen Ortego, Natalie Fleming, Lisa Banks, John Whtie, David Hawthorne, Terry McElhannon & Steven Bass


             Publicity and Communications: Courtney Dew, Natalie Fleming, David Banks & Charlotte Ewing


            Youth Activity Committee: David & Lisa Banks, Laddy & Natalie Fleming, Wesly Banks & Jessy Johnson, Dodd & Cindy Dodson, & Dee Hickman


            Children’s Activity Committee: Kim Ham, Lori Easterling, Susan Tedder, Wanda Hawthorne, Chris & Marlena Rice


            Special Events Team: Lisa Banks, Natalie Fleming, David Banks, David Hawthorne, Cindy Dodson & Terri Henderson, Phil & Linda Peppers, Charlotte Ewing, Sean & Melanie Ewing


              Food Bank:  Tammy Phipps, Elaine Moore & Melanie Ewing


              Missions:  Karen Bass, Helen Toulantis, Sue Burel, John White, Terri & Curtis Henderson


           Wed. Night Meals:  David & Lisa Banks, Sue Burel, Wanda Hawthorne, Karen Bass & Susan Whtie





Pastor:  Thomas Ham

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First Baptist Church of Carl

1588 Carl Bethlehem Rd

P. O. Box 1143

Auburn, GA 30011


Phone: 770 867-9588


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Schedule of Services


Sun. Bible Study 9:15am

Sun. Worship 10:30am

Sun. AWANA Clubs 5:45pm - 7:15pm

Sun. Worship 6:00pm

Sun. N~Vasion Student Ministries 6:00pm 

Wed. Bible Study 6:45pm

Wed. N~Vasion Student Ministries 7:00pm